Roya Jade Photography and Gretchen Kelley Photography

 My daughters have been dancing for about 4 years now. My dear friends Roya of  Roya Jade Photography and Gretchen of Gretchen Kelley Photography took photos for our dance studio Ruth Page Center for the Arts. These are just a few of many photos they took.

Yawni Tiger

My old blog ELAMOMMA is done due to the wonderful fact that it does not represent me anymore because our family will be growing! The E L A was for my 3 children and we will have 4 so ELAMOMMA is no more!!! Onto a fresh start:)

Welcome to Yawni Tiger a place to appease my craving to create and express what is important and/or at least amusing to me as an individual, momma and wife. I hope you will be inspired, encouraged and see some beautiful things when visiting this blog. It has been a while in the making in my mind and heart and I have many plans for the future of this blog.

What in the world does Yawni Tiger mean?
Well, it all begins with a soon to be mommy and dad choosing a name for their 1st born child. A baby girl to be born in Arizona.
"What shall we name this little girl?", ask the artistic, sculpture making, loom weaving, nature loving couple.
"The initials TLC for tender-loving care are a wonderful idea", thought the peace loving young mommy to be. "Our last name starts with a C, so what should we do for the first and last name? How about Tiger Lily?! Oh that sounds great!"
Yes, my wonderful parents almost named me Tiger.
Thank you Jesus they decided to go with the Native American inspired name, Aiyana and the middle name after my Japanese Grandma instead:)

1. Something that has been with me all my life is my ridiculously long yawns. All thru highschool people noticed. Now my husband and children tease me. My youngest daughter is now drawing her yawns out to be long like mine:).
2. When people have a hard time pronouncing or remembering my name I just tell them to think of yawning and say Eye-Yawn-Ah. It works quite well.

Add that all together and you get the sentimental name "Yawni Tiger"