Louela on Society6

I am so excited to FINALLY announce the launch of LOUELA! Louela is a project of Elly, Lucy and I. Born out of our love for art, beauty, collaboration and design we decided to take a leap and turn it into something we share with others. We plan to share our latest art projects and collaborations here on Yawni Tiger as well as some exciting news..........We are on Society6!
After positive feedback on Instagram of Elly and Lucy's art work and people requesting pieces I have been searching for a way to answer those requests in a quality and affordable manner for myself and also for the customer! So now you can purchase PRINTS, TOTES, MUGS, PHONE CASES and MORE on our Society6 account! 

So go check out LOUELA on Society6! Like, share and purchase at your leisure:)

Moon girl on Society6

Moon Girl Art Print


This summer my daughters, brothers and I worked on a collaborative short. Jeremiah and I (pictured left) had been texting back and forth prior to our arrival in California to visit them. Inspired by the recent Sia music video, Jeremiah talked about doing a choreographed piece with the girls to a song. 

Jeremiah and the girls chose the song "Falling Star" by Florence and the Machine. We slowly built the story and choreography all together.  Elijah brought his cinematography skill and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!



All these photos were taken with my iPhone behind the scenes

Celebratory dance at the end of shooting:)
I get overwhelmed watching all the talents my brothers and girls have. And then all the love they have for eachother went in to this, it was truley beautiful! I could not be prouder.

Created by: Jeremiah Chandler
Story by: Jeremiah Chandler and Aiyana Taylor
Choreography: Elly Taylor, Lucy Taylor, Jeremiah Chandler and Aiyana Taylor
Cinematography: Elijah Chandler
Costumes: Jeremiah Chandler and Aiyana Taylor
Make-up: Aiyana Taylor
Music: Florence and the Machine