I am working on getting our family room homeschool friendly and this photo gives the general feel of white storage on white walls and our big grey L couch. Instead of all cubbies I want to have a long white desk/table for the kids to work on. I think it will have to be an "over time" project because of cost. But this is ONE of my inspirational photos. Hope to be able to post some photos of our home soon, if I can get around to TAKING the photos amidst all the busyness of homeschool preparation and dance schedule starting for the girls soon. PLUS I am squeezing out time to study for our MD retreat for the chicas at our church. I am teaching Sunday morning. 
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Black and White. My Favorite.

Birthday Times

It was my 32nd bday last week and it started out with a lovely morning. A few of my girlfriends came over and made breakfast and my husband rode his bike and picked up some of my favorite scones from our friends AMAZING bakery, LOVELY. It was such a sweet morning with my friends AND my daughters! 

 My daughters wrote me this lovely note for my bday. SO sweet!
 Elly and Lucy also folded the cloth napkins:) 
 My sweet Atticus.
 My girls made me some gifts out of Polymer Clay. 
 I love the sweet smile on Lu's face:)

 My Love Joshua:)

Fall is Coming!

This makes me excited to dress for cooler weather.
Adore the mixtures....sweater and skirt, pattern mixture, comfy and pretty.
 From Turkish Vogue.

BEDROOM & Bodie and Fou blog

I really like this bedroom. The grey bedding is clean, cozy and inviting. I have a wooden cubbie piece next to my bed. This is another example of simple yet warm. And I like how this room has wood with the grey, black and white color palette.
Now to tell you about Bodie and Fou. I discovered Bodie and Fou 2 years ago. When I was healing from my surgery. I was in bed ALOT and couldn't do much so I was on my laptop quite a bit. This was when I was discovered the world of clean white walls with black, grey and wood accents. I was hooked immediately and found a few of my favorite blogs at that time. Bodie and Fou was such a treat to find. It is a blog by 2 sisters that live in France. Their home/s are beautiful and inspiring. They have great links to Kids bedrooms, a shop and magazine. Also, I discovered my favorite blogs thru them! Their blog was simpler when I first found it.  They have all the fancy links, tabs and photos now. It is neat to see bloggers grow:) 

YT Family

We recently visited Ohio to see Grandpa Larry and Grandma Kathy. Being in the city really causes a person to realize the need of humans to be around nature. Green, fresh air, the sounds of animals fulfill a need in us. The city is amazing don't get me wrong. But it can not replicate the beauty of the Earth.

 Kathy has a MAJOR green thumb. This is her garden. The girls picked rosemary, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, tomatoes and squash while we were there.

 Suburbia isn't the place for our family. But I do have to admit there are some tempting things about it. The open space for the kids to run and grow things. The STORAGE space. I do not have room for a blow up pool, volleyball net, tents and lounge chairs in the city. Having a wonderful place like this only a few hours drive away to venture to will suit this urban family well.

 We set up and slept in a tent in the backyard. It was so therapeutic. We all loved falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of nature.
 Yes this creek is in their backyard.

 I only think one thought when looking thru the next few pictures. Classic America!

 There's me. The shadow.

 My Beauties.

 Campfire and S'mores that night before we slept in the tent. Josh and his dad made an inferno.

 The Perseid Meteor Showers were happening while we were there. The card on my camera was filling up so I took most of the photos that evening with my phone. These are a few I was able to take. We ended up camping at the lake and watching the Meteor shower that evening. The local astronomical society brought telescopes. We were able to see Saturn thru one of them. It was breathtaking.

It has been a good summer.