I have had multiple people ask me about my homeschooling method. I have wanted to share this on the blog for a while, but have not had the time to do it. I also wanted to give some time to homeschooling Atticus before I shared on the Kindergarten aspect of homeschooling.

This is our 2nd year homeschooling. Last year was devoted to transitioning myself, Elly and Lucy from public school to homeschool. Both girls attended public school for the first few years of schooling. Lucy attended public school from K-2nd grade and Elly K-4th grade. Then due to their school declining in ability to challenge them, their increasing dance schedule and our family schedule it seemed all sides were pushing us to pursue Homeschool in order for their studies to thrive.

Homeschooling was never a road I thought I would take. I had it as a back-up plan knowing that my husband and I are raising our children in a city with an unstable public school system and their education is very important to us, but we don't have the financial freedom to pick where we want them schooled. After many discussions as a family we all decided to try homeschooling and it has been a challenging, exciting, difficult and rewarding journey.

This year we added Atticus who is 5 years old. He started Kindergarten, so this brought a new dimension and plate to juggle. On account of this I have had to figure out how to school 3 different grades, personalities on top of having a child who has never experienced a classroom setting aside from Sunday school. It has been one of the most ambitious, difficult and REWARDING experiences of my life.

Last year, I went with Veritas Press for everything because they provide a schedule for each day through the entire year and are classical education. We just replaced the Latin with French. That way I knew the girls would be getting everything they needed and I would get a structure to learn from. We have made some changes this year, but I still ordered the schedule from Veritas for the kids to give me a general guide for the year.

Here is my current schedule and resources for our family's homeschool.

Elly and Lucy (4th and 6th grade)

5 hours per day M-Th and 2 hours on Sunday

We start the day reading raw scripture and journal. Last year we started in Genesis and we are in Numbers currently.

Shurley English

KHAN academy

Veritas Press Curriculum on history
Reinforced by online websites and videos
~KHAN academy
~Crash Course on YouTube

I use a few sources for Grade appropriate reads. The girls are always reading a book. One or 2 chapters a day depending on length of chapters.
~Veritas Press Literature List (they also provide great Comprehension guides)
~I also love Barnes and Nobles Searches for Children's Classic and age appropriate books. Barnes and Noble also has a great rewards program for anyone as well as teachers.

3x's A WEEK
Exploring Creation with Astronomy (we do this all together 3 times a week, Atticus included)
Reinforced with the Wonders of the Universe app on the iPad
KHAN academy

Power Basic World Geography

Rosetta Stone

2x's A WEEK
We invite in friends that specialize in different mediums as well as finding projects and ideas on Pinterest. There are some great resources there.

We try to make a meal together once a week. From breakfast scones to Spaghetti and meat sauce. Something simple that they can help with. Aiming for them to have a few recipes under their belt and understanding of foods and experience in the kitchen when they leave the home. Even Atticus at the age of 5 loves to help out making the meal.

Typing Web is a GREAT source to learn to type


Lucy practices piano 4-5x'a a week and has a piano lessons once a week
Elly practices guitar 3-4's a week and has guitar lessons twice a month

Glogster for book reports, research projects and papers. We also do classic papers and boards. I like to have the kids write with paper and pencil, type papers on the computer and learn the "blog/website" concepts on Glogster.

We also invite friends over that specialize in different fields and interests. It has been really great to have people who are passionate about different subjects some and give "real life" experience and know-how to the kids. (And I have fun learning all of this too!)

Atticus (Kindergarten)
1 1/2-2 hours per day, 4 or 5 days a week

Alphabet flash cards
Leap Frog Phonics Zoo Video
Pocket Phonics app for iPad
Hands on projects to learn letters and sounds
My Alphabet Book

Letters and Numbers for Me
My Printing Book


BOB books

Hop, Skip, and sing French for kids
Bonjour les Amis

Exploring Creation with Astronomy (we do this all together 3 times a week, Atticus included)
Reinforced with the Wonders of the Universe app on the iPad
KHAN academy

Child's History of the World (read one chapter out loud)

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me!

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