LOUELA at home

As part of our "LOUELA at Home" series we played with some pillows, a clock, some prints, a mug and phone case from our Society6 shop.  Below Elly is holding our TET pillow and Lucy is holding our "HeartHeartHeart" pillow. Our Floral Clock is on the wall. The pillows are printed on both sides which is really nice and you can choose the rim and hand colors for the clock to match the look of your personal space. It is really fun to see these items in person and come up with some different ideas of how to use them.

The wooden star below was handmade by Lucy with some wooden dowels and twine I purchased at Joann's Fabrics. She hot glued the dowels together and wrapped the twine around for extra reinforcement. I wrapped a small package of white christmas lights I purchased from Target. 
Super fun and super easy!
Pictured is our TET and Kirk Floral pillows. Both designed by Elly:)

We made a cosy space with the girls plush chair from Pottery Barn Teen by pairing it with Lucy's SPLAT pillow and Kitty Kitty mug on the left. On the right Elly's Sea Glass pillow and Tet pillow with some handmade garland by Lucy and I decorating the wall. 
Find the pillows, mug, clock and prints here.

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