LOUELA's finding inspiration and Mr. Bing

Last week my daughter Lucy and I went for a little date to one of our favorite local coffee shops called SIP. It seems not to many locally owned places last in the city these days, but this little hidden gem is one that has been here for over 15 years. Lucy and I love their London Fog and their yummy chocolate cake donuts!

I made a decision recently that I want to make time to take my kids out individually once a month. Having multiple children is quite a task and it goes by so quickly. It is hard to connect with them as individuals when we are all together and with homeschooling we are all together ALOT. It is easy to just plow through the day, go through our usual conversations and irritations and define them by how they interact in the family. But they are all so unique and have so much going on inside their hearts and minds that I want to make time to hear, understand and walk with them in their personal journey not just our journey as a family. I love to find out who they are, what they like, dislike what they are wrestling with and what they are enjoying.

As Lucy and I shared a donut and enjoyed our yummy London Fogs we chatted about a lot of things: friends, dance, family and LOUELA. My daughter Lucy is a bundle of creativity and when she clicks on something that inspires her the flood gates open. Her and I are similar in that way and sometimes it can be overwhelming to have so many ideas and figure out how to channel it in a tangible way. I wanted to give her a chance to make these ideas come to life. I had some samples of our Society6 shop items and also a few handmade items Lucy had finished, so we thought we could start there.

As we walked home from our little date she shared with me all her visions for a LOUELA photo shoot and all the items she would like to make. Particularly some clothing items. When we got home we decided to put some of these things in action and also wrote down some of the ideas for the future. We did 2 different concepts: "LOUELA at home" and "Lulu Plays"

It was SO fun to see her vision come to life. She blows me away with how much creativity she has in her little being. Elly wasn't feeling full par, but she jumped in for a few of the shots and glowed her beauty on the set for the "LOUELA at home" shots.

MR. BING a "Lulu Plays" idea

Lucy created Mr. Bing after being inspired by something she saw on the web. 
She designed him and hand stitched him one evening. He is a cherished part of the LOUELA family:)
All the photos with LOUELA items shared in the last few posts are from that inspirational day over London Fogs, as are the ones in this post:) 
And there are a few more to come!

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