LOUELA's designs by Lucy

This post is a product of Lucy and my coffee date at SIP. As mentioned in this post, we had an inspiring morning. Lucy has so much creativity and drive in her little body it astounds me. As a mother I want to provide space, time and resources for my kids to explore their imagination and talents. Whatever it may be. As I have done this with Lucy the things that have come to be have brought so much joy and inspiration. 
This is part of the "Lulu plays" series, which is a photo series created and imagined by Lucy. The set, make-up, wardrobe and whole concept is by Lucy and shot by me. It was so fun to see her ideas come to life. A little peak in the mind of Lucy. I hope that we will have some more "Lulu play" shoots down the road. 
Below is a popsicle named "Ben". Lucy created a pattern for Ben and has some other variations to try with him. 

The amazingly fabulous and talented Chelli of CHC has been giving Lucy sewing lessons. This apron is a product of that wonderful time. 
Also pictured are some products available in our Society6 shop.
Make-up, hair, wardrobe and photo concept by Lucy.

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