About an hour outside of Chicago is Six Flags Great America. The girls have reached that fun age where we can enjoy an amusement park with them! It was one of their requests for activities to do during their summer vacation. You can get $20 off each ticket by bringing in a can of any COKE product! Here are a few photo's I took with my IPhone while we were there. I posted a couple of them on my INSTAGRAM  and edited most of the photos below with VSCOCAM which is an app for the Iphone that I highly recommend. 

The girls and I got quite excited about the prizes at this booth:)
The carnival games were great at Six Flags. 
The girls were able to win a few prizes easily because you only have to have 2 players to play a few of the race games.
Papa won this hat for the girls with his amazing baseball throwing skills. There was an adorable Panda one, Elephant and Tiger. Elly and Lucy chose the Tiger hat in honor of Yawni Tiger. They are so sweet:)
Milk Shake and Funnel Cake.


I really love photos of the Swings. I feel like it is a huge piece of art.


We stayed ALL DAY LONG. My feet were so achy and we were so tired. You know that wonderful awful feeling at the end of a long day at an amusement park where the walk to the car seems never ending. The lights at night do make the rides a bit more magical.
On the ride home Lucy fell asleep in the back of the car in a pile of stuffed animals.
It was a good day. 


  1. Love all these pics!! I am totally going to check out that app for my iPhone, thank you for the tip. I have to say I agree with you about both the swing ride and the lights making an amusement park more magical!! We went to a water park last weekend and had the same feeling of aching feet but felt so good :)!! Thank you for's such a blessing to see your family through all that you share!!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Melissa:)