Here are the rest of the photos as promised from our day at Millennium Park and The Art Institute.
First, we had a little picnic we brought from home in Millennium Park. The weather was phenomenal that day. It couldn't have been nicer. 
 After lunch we walked past The Bean on the way to The Art Institute.
 Lulu wanted to take some photos with her IPod.
 See lucy on the table to the right:)
 Then we headed over the Nichols Bridge to The Art Institute.
View's from the Bridge
The Modern Wing
 The Art Institute is free the first and second wednesday of every month for Chicago residence ALL of 2012. I am for sure going again! I would really like to try a few of their Family Programs

The Roy Lichtenstein art exhibit. 

Here are a few of my favorites from other parts of the museum.

 some shots up close of the amazing texture and strokes

"A Sunday on La Grande"


Unbelievable. One lady made ALL of them.

We left out the "Front"
(secret: the lions roar if you sit on them)
Had to stop at Crown Fountain with the kids

Waiting for the water to fall.....
Water is falling
Walked thru Lurie Gardens at Millennium Park too.

Millennium Park is beautiful. If you are ever in Chicago you must go. It is a HUGE piece of art. 

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