My youngest daughter Lucy is obsessed with Origami. We probably have about 100 Origami cranes. Plus 20-50 other types of Origami in our home. 

We purchased this "laptop pillow" from IKEA and it has been PERFECT for her to do her origami on. 

After only 2 or 3 days of purchasing some origami paper and her using other paper around our house we a huge accumulation of origami and we had to do something with it! I want to have Lucy send some to friends. But first we did a little GEORGE THE TROOPER scene and then.....

Can you see George down there?!

 we made a little art installation in our family room:)

My eldest daughter Elly likes to do Origami as well. She has these balloons that she likes to make. Will share that in a post to come. She made the Panda and boat in the scene below. 

Maybe you can have fun with some origami with your kids and share what you do with us!

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