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I really like this bedroom. The grey bedding is clean, cozy and inviting. I have a wooden cubbie piece next to my bed. This is another example of simple yet warm. And I like how this room has wood with the grey, black and white color palette.
Now to tell you about Bodie and Fou. I discovered Bodie and Fou 2 years ago. When I was healing from my surgery. I was in bed ALOT and couldn't do much so I was on my laptop quite a bit. This was when I was discovered the world of clean white walls with black, grey and wood accents. I was hooked immediately and found a few of my favorite blogs at that time. Bodie and Fou was such a treat to find. It is a blog by 2 sisters that live in France. Their home/s are beautiful and inspiring. They have great links to Kids bedrooms, a shop and magazine. Also, I discovered my favorite blogs thru them! Their blog was simpler when I first found it.  They have all the fancy links, tabs and photos now. It is neat to see bloggers grow:) 

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